BujiBui liberates your vantage point when the limitations of human vision, physical barriers and large amounts of complex data are removed, allowing you to virtually go where your mind has only imagined. Abstracting large 3D data visualizations for consumption on low powered mobile devices has many major applications.

Below are a few potential use cases that go beyond simple interactivity with data.

Asset Management

Wherever remote repair maintenance assistance is required. As a digital tool, BujiBui is indispensable for managing existing infrastructure and monitoring the design, development of new infrastructure and manage it after commissioning and operation. Aside from physical structures, an example of where this technology can be utilized for aircraft maintenance and repair. For the purpose of viewing complex 3D CAD data of machines such as airframes and engines at remote locations, 3D interactive maintenance manuals can be viewed on portable hand-held devices such as rugged laptops and tablets, which eliminate the need for specialized software such as CATIA (computer aided three-dimensional interactive application) coupled with expensive hardware. Of course, design data could in view only format prevent reverse manufacturing and protect the design intellectual property.

For the purpose of education, training and simulation, this technology can be used for animated simulations. Another benefit would be to view data stereoscopically on a low budget.


Engineering Visualization

Typically, details in 3D interactive maintenance manuals on mobile devices are downgraded in order for the device to accommodate and display the information. However, with this technology it is possible to carry on a mobile device critical details right down to a single light switch or screw. This allows you to make the visualization as real as possible which is necessary at times. Imagine visualizations of an entire city block with details as small as a door knob could be carried on a low powered handheld device.

Environmental Health & Safety, Hazard Communication & Emergency Response

The field of environment, health and safety requires situational awareness of the surroundings. Having fully detailed representation of buildings, machinery, storage facilities, processing plants, and manufacturing plants in interactive mode would allow for the marking of all the hazards (mechanical, chemical, nuclear, etc.). And when provided with a clear and detailed picture of the facility, emergency responders are able to act safely and effectively at the site of an incident. Further, with a 3D representation in full detail of a terrain, building, or machinery, distance can be measured and actions can be planned with well informed decisions.