Complexity Simplified. Clarity Unveiled.

All formats. All sizes. One solution.

“If I could only be there…”

“If I could only see it…”

“If I could just get inside…”

BujiBui is bringing the world simple, 3D visualization tools for big and diverse data to provide virtual access to the places we cannot go; the things we cannot see; and answer questions we’ve only imagined.

BujiBui is a customizable format agnostic cloud-based solution for processing tera-byte sized 3D visualizations and delivering to very large numbers of end users on small low-powered thin clients via Wi-Fi, 4G or satellite with the ability to combine a multitude of 3D data types such as CAD, terrain LiDAR and GIS into cohesive interactive sessions on a flat screen or in VR.


Multiple Stakeholders, Different Business Interests & Goals

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WiFi, Cellular & Satellite

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Capabilities and Infrastructure

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We’re creative engineers and visionaries who believe that seeing is better than believing. Our technology removes the constraints of time and space by harnessing high-performance computing to solve the challenges of interacting with cross-platform 3D data. It brings all the details together in a virtual 3D space, ready for use, in the palm of a hand, accessible from anywhere. We serve businesses and organizations worldwide, making their lives and the work they do safer, easier and more efficient. Our over-arching purpose is to bring the world the next, great 3D tools to harness ever increasing amounts of visual data.